Invariably Medal collectors find initials and abbreviations on medals.This pause them with a problem of identifying the recipients.
Unless abbreviations are rightly expanded, it is difficult to place the recipient at its right position.

Just to assist the collectors and other interested people, a small list representing selected number of abbreviations is given here.

1 A.B.C. Army Bearer Corps
2 A.B.Ry.Bn Assam-Bengal Railway Battalion
3 A.F.I. Auxiliary Forces, India
4 A.H.C. Army Hospital Corps
5 A.P.Dept Army Paymasters Department
6 A.S.C. Army Service Corps
7 A.T.Coy Animal transport Company
8 A.Tpt Animal Transport
9 AAC Auxiliary Air Corps
10 AAF Auxiliary Air Force
11 ABDS Army Bomb Disposal Squad
12 ACC Army Catering Corps
13 ACF Army Cadet Force
14 ADC Aide de Camp
15 AER Army Emergency Reserve
16 ALCM Air Launched Ceuise Missile
17 ALO Army Liason officer
18 ALS Army Legal Service
19 AMS Army Medical Staff
20 AOC Army Ordanance Corps
21 APC Army Pay Corps
22 APTC Army Physical Training Corps
23 Assam .M.P (A.M.P) Assam Military Police
24 Assam V.L.H (A.V.L.H) Assam Valley Light Horse
25 B.B.&C.I.Rlwy.Regt Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway Regiment
26 B.B.Police Beuchanaland Border Police
27 B.C.C Bikaner Camel Corps
28 B.E.D Burma Excise Department
29 B.L.H Bihar Light Horse
30 B.M.D Burma Medical Department
31 B.M.P Burma Military Police
32 B.M.R Burma Militia Rifles/Regiment
33 B.M.R Border Mounted Rifles
34 B.R.C.S British Red Cross Society
35 B.Rlwy.Vol.Corps Burma Railway Volunteer Corps
36 B.S.A.Co.P British South African Company Police
37 B.W Black Watch
38 Bdr Bombadier
39 BDU Bomb Disposal Unit
40 B-N Rlwy.Bn Bengal-Nagpur Railway Battalion
41 Bo.Cavy Bombay Cavalary
42 Bo.CMT.Dept Bombay Commisariat Department
43 Bo.Grds/Grnds Bombay Grenadiers
44 Bo.M.D Bombay Medical Department
45 Bo.N.I Bombay Native Infantry
46 Bo.S.&M Bombay Sappers and Miners
47 Br.Coy Bearer Company
48 Brig. Brigadier
49 C & TC Commissariat & Transport Corps.
50 C.Cps Camel Corps
51 CGD Clerk General Duties
52 C.I.H Central India Horse
53 C.L.I Ceylon Light Infantry
54 C.M.B Coastal Motor Boats
55 Capt Captain
56 C-D Camel-Driver
57 Cdr/Comd. Commander
58 CEO Chief Executive officer
59 CG Coast Guard
60 CLH Calcutta Light Horse
61 CMMP Corps of Military Mounted Police
62 CMO Chief Medical officer
63 CMP Corps of Military Police
64 C.N.Regt Chota Nagpur Regiment
65 Col Colonel
66 Coolie/Cooly A porter
67 COS Chief of Staff
68 Cpl. Corporal
69 CPO Chief Petty officer
70 CSI Companion of the Order of the Star of India
71 D.C.O Lancers Duke of Connaughts own Lancers
72 DADVRS Deputy Asst. Director Veterinary Remount Section
73 DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
74 Dfdr Duffadar-A post in the British & Indian Army
75 DSC Distinguished Service Cross
76 DSM Distinguished Service Medal
77 Dvr Driver
78 E.A.P East African Police
79 E B C Eastern Bengal Company
80 E.B.Ry.Bn East Bengal Railway Battalion
81 E.B.S.R.V.R. East Bengal State Railway Volunteer Rifles Regiment
82 E.Dvr Engine Driver
83 E.I.Ry.R. East India Railway Regiment
84 ED Efficiency Decoration
85 EM Efficiency Medal
86 EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
87 ERD Emergency Reserve Decoration
88 Eur.Fus European Fusilears
89 F.C Frontier Constabulary
90 F.F.R Frontier Forces Rifles/Regiment
91 F.G.A Frontier Garrison Artillery
92 F.O.of M.Pol Federation of Malaya Police
93 FMR Frontier Mounted Rifles
94 G.C.C Government Camel Corps
95 G.I.P.Rlwy.Bn Greater Indian Peninsula Railways Battalion
96 G.O.I/G.I Gazette of India
97 G.R Gurkha Regiment
98 G.T.R Gurkha Transport Regiment
99 GBE Grand Cross, Order of the British Empire
100 GCIE Knight Grand Commander Order of the British Empire
101 GCSI Knight Grand Commander Order of the Star of India
102 Gnr Gunner
103 GOC General Officer Commanding
104 GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
105 GR Gurkha Rifles
106 GSC General Service Corps
107 GSO General Staff Officer
108 H.E.I.C Honourable East India Company
109 HA Horse Artillery
110 Hav. Havaldar-A post in the British & Indian Army
111 HCR Household Cavalry Regiment
112 HRS Hussars
113 I.A.C.C Indian Army Corps of Clerks
114 I.A.O.C Indian Army Ordnance Corps
115 I.A.R.O Indian Army Reserve of officers
116 I.A.S.C/I.S.C Indian Army Service Corps/Indian Service Corps
117 I.D.F Indian Defence Forces
118 I.E.M.E Indian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
119 I.M.D Indian Medical Department
120 I.M.L Indian Miscellaneous List
121 I.M.Ry Indian Military Railways
122 I.M.S Indian Medical Service
123 I.M.W.S Indian Military Works Services
124 I.P.S Indian Postal Service
125 I.S.I Imperial Service Infantry
126 I.S.M.D Indian Subordinate Medical Department
127 I.S.Infy Imperial Service Infantry
128 I.S.T.Corps Imperial Service Transport Corps
129 I.U.L Indian Un-attached List
130 I.W.T Indian Water Transport
131 IOM Indian Order of Merit
132 IRC Infantry Reserve Corps
133 Jemdr. Jemadar-A post in the British & Indian Army
134 K.C.C Khairpur Camel Corps
135 K.G.F.Bn Kolar Gold Fields Battalion
136 KCIE Knight Commander Order of the Indian Empire
137 KCIO King's Commissioned Indian Officer
138 KCSI Knight Commander Order of the Star of India
139 KMB Kashmir Mountain Battery
140 L.C Labour Transport
141 L.G London Gazette
142 L.T.Corps Land Transport Corps
143 L/Nk Lance Naik-A post in the British & Indian Army
144 Lcrs Lancers
145 Ldfdr/LD Lance Deffadar
146 Lt.Cdr. Lieutenant Commander
147 Lt.Col. Lieutenant Colonel
148 M.&S.M.Ry.Rif Madras & Southern Mahratta Railway Battalion
149 M.E.S Military Engineering Services
150 M.F.D Military Farms Department
151 M.I.C Medal Index Card
152 M.I.D Mention In Despatches
153 M.N.I Madras Native Infantry
154 M.P.B Military Police Battalion
155 Maj. Major
156 Maj.Gen. Major General
157 MFS Medical Field Service
158 MGC. Machine Gun Corps
159 MI Mounted Infantry
160 MMGS Motor Machine Gun Service
161 MSC Medical Staff Corps
162 Mtn.Bty Mountain Battery
163 MTO Motor Transport office
164 N.B.M.Rif North Bengal Mounted Rifles
165 N.W.F North West Frontier
166 N.W.F.P North West Frontier Police
167 N.W.Ry.Bn North West Railway Battalion
168 NCO Non Commissioned officer
169 NI Native Infantry
170 NK Naik-a post in the British & Indian army
171 NSS Bn. Northern Shan States Battalion Burma Military Police
172 OWA Operator Wireless Artillery
173 O.&R.Rlwy.Vol.Rif Oudh & Rohilkund Railway Volunteer Rifles
174 O.ST.J.J Order of St. John
175 OBE Order of the British Empire
176 P.C Police Constable
177 P.C.&C.D Port Conservation & Construction Department
178 P.L.H Punjab Light Horse
179 P.P Punjab Police
180 Pjb Punjab Regiments
181 Pjbs/Pjbis Punjabis
182 Pol.Dept Political Department
183 PSO Personal Staff Officer
184 R.A Royal Artillery
185 R.F.R Royal Fleet Reserve
186 R.G.A Royal Garrison Artillery
187 R.G.R Royal Gurkha Rifles/Regiment (the 5th Gurkhas)
188 R.I.A.S.C Royal Indian Army Service Corps
189 R.I.M / R.I.M.S Royal Indian Marine Services (the Navy)
190 R.I.S. Lancers Rampur Imperial Service Lancers
191 R.N Royal Navy
192 RAC Royal Armoured Corps
193 RAF Royal Air Force
194 RAFVR Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
195 RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
196 RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
197 RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
198 RARO Royal Army Reserve Corps
199 RASC Royal Army Service Corps
200 RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
201 RB Rifle Brigade
202 RCT Royal Corps of Transport
203 RE Royal Engineers
204 RF Royal Fusiliars
205 RFA Royal Field Artillery
206 RFC Royal Flying Corps
207 Rfmn. Rifleman
208 RM Royal Marines
209 RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
210 RMP Royal Military Police
211 RMT.Dept Remount Department
212 RNR Royal Naval Reserve
213 RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
214 RO Radio Operator
215 RPC Royal Pioneer Corps
216 Ry.Bn.S.&M Railway Battalion Sappers & miners
217 S.&M Sappers and Miners
218 S.&T.Corps Supply and Transport Corps
219 S.A.I South African Infantry
220 S.B.S Sick Berth Steward
221 S.C.Corps Sudan Camel Corps
222 S.F State Forces
223 S.I.Ry.Vol.RF South India Railway Volunteer Rifles
224 Sep/Sy Sepoy-A post in the British & Indian Army
225 Sgt. Sergeant
226 SI Star of India
227 SJAB St. John Ambulance Brigade
228 Sowar A Sepoy on a horse/mule etc./A Sepoy in the Cavalry
229 SPMR Southern Provinces Mounted Rifles
230 SVLH Surma Valley Light Horse
231 U.B.Batt Upper Burma Battalion
232 U.P.P Upper/United Provinces Police
233 UNSM United Nations Service Medal
234 V.R.B.G Vice-Roy's Body Guard
235 VM Victory Medal
236 W/S War Substantive (a temporary war rank)
237 WAAF Women's Auxiliary Air Force
238 WRAC Women's Royal army Corps
239 WRAF Women's Royal Air Force
...end of table
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