Medals form class of para-numismatic artifacts. The Empire, Authorities and Organizations awarded them to the persons in recognition of their skill, service and achievements. Now a day, medal collection has become a favorite subject of collection amongst hobbyists.

In good old days, along with Ilquabs (Designations) lands, wealth and properties were given to the faithful servants for their loyalty and service to the Raj. But gradually, the concept of honouring was changed. A practice of Symbolic recognition came into existence. And thus lately, practice of giving orders, decorations and medals, as mark of approval, came into force. In this section of medals, major divisions of medals of India are focused.

In IPS (Indian Princely States) Medals, decorations, orders and medals issued by Indian Princely States are described. They were issued either to recognize the learning, benevolence or services to the people, State or the King or to commemorate the Accession, Jubilees or Victories of the Rulers.

In British India Historical Medals, those commemorative and historical medals, including prize medals, whether awarded or unawarded, which have British Indian subjects are included. Some Parsee medals and medals of British personalities, who will be remembered in India for their contribution, are also included.

In British India Military medals, Campaign medals, Long Service and Good Conduct medals and Jubilee and Coronation medals of British India are included.

In Modern Commemorative medals, medals issued after 1947 are included. They are divided in three categories as under:

  1. Medals to commemorate Anniversary and Jubilee
  2. Medals of Awards and Prizes
  3. Medals to commemorate Occasions and Celebrations

In Modern Sports Medals also, the medals issued after 1947 are shown. They are also presented in three divisions as under:

  1. Sports medals of Association and Meet
  2. Sports medals issued by Government, Semi-Government and National Organizations
  3. Sports medals issued by Schools and Colleges

In Modern India Government Medals, some campaign medals and medals for services given by the Indian Government are presented.

In Miniature Medals, medals issued by Indian Princely States and British India are shown. Though these medals are small versions of regular medals and decorations, they are shown here separately as collecting Miniature medals has become an independent subject by itself.

In Masonic medals, an effort is made to put medals of different Indian Masonic Lodges.

In category of Miscellaneous medals, all other medals, which do not get into any of the above mentioned slots, are included.

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