I acknowledge with respect and gratitude the assistance and encouragement given to me by following friends and well wishers.

Robert P. Puddester, Canada
He is always a source of inspiration and guiding force in my pursuit of numismatic collection.

Michael Mitchiner, UK
I owe a great debt of gratitude to him as his works on Indian numismatics have not only enlightened but also inspired me to do extensive work for Indian numismatic and para-numismatic heritage.

Stan Goran, UK
He is a well-known scholar on Indian numismatics. He has always helped me in identification of coins and has always boosted up the morale of collectors like me. I record my sincere thanks to him.

Dr. Dilip Rajgor, Mumbai
He has always readily shared his experience and expertise to enrich my knowledge. He has made valuable suggestions at every stage and has given an active help in all the spheres from writing a book to making a website.

Farokh Todywalla, Mumbai
He is not only a well wisher but also a friend. He is a great source and is instrumental in building up my collection.

Tony McClenaghan, London
He has always shared his knowledge and guided me on Indian princely State Medals.

Ed Haynes, South Carolina, USA
He has always guided me on British Campaign medals and medals of Republic of India.

Jan Lingen, Netherlands
I record with thanks his help in providing some photos of Canteen tokens.

William Spangler, Colorado, USA
He has helped and guided me on Monograms of Indian Princely states.

Howard Simmons, London, UK
He has deep knowledge on tokens, weights, medals and badges of India. He has always come forward to help and share his knowledge whenever requested.

Shailendra Bhandare, UK
He is a friend and has always shown willingness to help and guide me on Indian coins.

J. P. Goenka, Kolkata
I record here with gratefulness his help in obtaining the membership badges of the Turf Clubs of India.

M. K. Bhojak and Varad Dhaky, Ahmedabad
I sincerely thank them for providing many stationery Monograms of British institutions and Indian Princely States.

Raju Bhatt & Sheetal Bhatt, New Delhi
Both of them helped a lot in reading and identifying coins and medals.

Ken Robbins, Washington, USA
He is a friend and has a vast collection and knowledge of Indian Princely States. He has never hesitated in providing any information that was requested.

Sushil Talwar, New Delhi
He has a very good collection of medals and has very good insight and understanding of Military and Indian Princely State medals. He has always shown his willingness to help and has provided very useful information on Abbreviations.

Abhay Shah, Ahmedabad
He is a noble soul who is a support, strength and source in my numismatic endeavor.

Kishore Jhunjhunwala, Mumbai
He is a friend who has always encouraged and supported in all-numismatic activities. He has helped me in enriching my collection of Cash Coupons of Indian Princely States.

Harish Shah, Ahmedabad
Wajid Khan, Pune
Vipul Khokhani, Morvi
These friends have helped in my numismatic hobby in various ways. I wish to record my thanks to them.

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