Since generations we are familiar with metallic coins. We know that they have the purchasing power; but tokens, and particularly metallic tokens, though look like coins, have different uses. In some places they are used as Symbols, while at other they are used as Substitutes. Here Tokens of many such varieties are illustrated.

They can be divided into two major sections of 'Religious Tokens' and 'Non-Religious or Secular Tokens'.

Religious Tokens are divided into different religions viz. Hindu, Jain, Sikh, Parsee, Islamic and Christian. Hindu Tokens are further divided as per different deities like Ram, Hanuman, Siva, Ganesh, Krishna, Kali etc. A special emphasis is given to present different varieties of Ramtanka, which is a very popular Hindu Token. These Religious Tokens bear different pictures of Gods and Goddesses. And Hindus or Jains put them in family Puja (worship) box.

Non-Religious or secular tokens have many varieties. Canteen tokens issued by different cotton mills, mints, military organizations, munitions factories and tokens issued by different tea-coffee estates have some monetary value and were valid in their respective areas and estates. Advertisement tokens depict the name or logo or product of the company on token and used either as mementos or key-chain rings. Counter tokens, safe tokens and Commemorative tokens of Banks, Treasury tokens, Accounts office and Stamp office tokens are also presented here.

Personality tokens are the tokens, which present the picture of historical, sports, religious, political and social personalities. Rifle or Gun tokens are the tokens, which were used for numbering and identifying guns in the regiments. Dog license tokens are the tokens issued by different Municipal authorities to indicate that required tax for keeping the dog is paid by the owner. Two wheeler tax tokens are also the tokens issued by the Municipal authorities to indicate that the owner has paid required tax and he is authorized to run the two-wheeler on the Municipal roads.

There are many other varieties of tokens, which require mention but could not be put as a group. All such varieties are put in the miscellaneous tokens. Jeweler tokens of Murshidabad coin type, Political party tokens, festival tokens etc. are represented here.

In this section an effort is made to give a different dimension to the subject, which has a coin-like metallic form and can draw collectors’ attention as a good subject of hobby.


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