Badges, Badge Pins, Badge Plates, Belt Buckles and Buttons are the symbols of recognition. They either indicate the identity or indicate the Authority on whose behalf they are issued.

Government and Semi-Government organizations issue the Badges etc. to their Officials, so that when they move out in public for their official duties they are recognized as representatives of such organizations. Official Badges of Postal department are the examples of such Badges.

In British times and the times of Indian Princely States (IPS), the Badge Plates (Which are bigger than Badges in size) and Belt Buckles were issued to Chaprasis (Peons), Charwahas (Cow Boys), Watchmen or Guards, Messengers, Attendants etc. They were metal plates made of either Brass or for higher officials of Silver. On them the names of the office and of the State are written along with the year. Thus they were the symbols of the State Authority under which the bearers were authorized to perform their official duties. This provides us with History and thus becomes an interesting subject of collection.

Prior to Independence, during British and Indian Princely State (IPS) Rule, the British and State armies were wearing Cap Badges and Buttons for their identity. Such Cap Badges and Buttons were depicting State Coat-of-Arms or symbols of Sovereignty. Collection of Military Cap Badges and Buttons is a very well accepted subject of hobby amongst collectors. Over and above the Military Buttons, Royal Buttons of certain States are also available sometimes. Moreover, during the Freedom Movement, Buttons of National Leaders were available and people used to wear the Buttons of their National Leaders. All these items are interesting for collection.

The Clubs and Associations issued the Badges or Badge Pins to their members in recognition of their valid memberships. Membership Badges of Turf Clubs of India, Cotton Merchants Association of Bombay, Bullion Merchants Association of Bombay and Share Brokers Association of Bombay are examples of such Badges.

Sometimes Badges and Badge Pins are issued to the delegates who attend certain Conference or who become the participants of some Expedition or Sport event.

All these items are the subject matter of this category. Some specimens of all such items are shown here.

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