India is a country with great resources & varied culture. In her rich heritage, apart from the artistic and archeological expressions on stones, textiles, wood and various metals, India has a very good treasure of coins in her treasure chest. These coins, in their time, served the purpose for which they were made. But now they provide us with series of historical data. They project before us the life and story of those who had issued them. In true sense, they weave the texture of history into their being.

Apart from history, Indian coins also have an aesthetic and artistic value. The dies of these coins were the work of the artists of the day. They reflect an idea about the workmanship of the artists and also the aesthetic tastes of the people of those days. The calligraphy of Mughal coins is an excellent example of the art of those days.

Now a days, collection of Indian coins as a scholarly pursuit and as a hobby has found favour in India and abroad. It’s a matter of pride that Indian coins have attracted both-historians and hobbyists.

On this Website, an effort is made to project facets of some sections of Indian coins.

It may be clarified that Ancient coins, Sultanate coins and Modern Republic of India coins are not projected here at present.

Here Mughal coins with different Mint Towns along with their honorific epithets and poetic couplets are represented. An effort is also made to put Mughal coins of some Mints with 12 Illahi months.

An attempt is made to put as many coins as possible of Independent Kingdoms during Mughal & British periods. Coins of Indian Princely States are also projected along with special section of Nazaranas, Mudras and Special issue of coins.

In the Colonial issue section, coins of Danish, Dutch, French, Portuguese and British are displayed.

With deep sense of gratitude, a sincere note is taken of the efforts of Krause Publication and other Publication catalogues for helping me and many other collectors to view our coin-collection in its proper perspective.

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