Every official in various hierarchies of a government has his own Seal to stamp on official documents. Unlike today where Seals are more popular as rubber stamps, in olden times, Seals of government officers, rulers and of royal family members were made of copper, silver or gold. These were designed with beautiful motifs and calligraphy in Brahmi, Devnagari, Arabic, Persian, English and vernacular languages.

Dies are most important tools in the manufacturing of coins, medals and several items. Dies of coins are most popular among coin collectors as they can be linked to actual coins minted from them. A Die is also important in deciding the average production of coins from that Die.

Dies, which were used for printing the judicial stamp paper in Indian Princely States' time, are also available and are included here. Many a times, the Dies with bold relief letters were used for putting an embossed authoritative stamp on judicial paper. Such Dies are also represented here.

In short, here seals of different rulers and government offices are presented along with Dies used for judicial paper in Mughal, and Indian Princely State times. Seals used in modern times by government offices and other authorities like temples, banks, courts are also to come in the purview of this section.

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