From the very beginning in human history, Weights have been employed to weigh goods, food and other items in a transaction. In India many of the dynasties, princely states and provinces had their own weights made of stone, iron, copper, brass or gold. Due to their attractive sizes and shapes with attractive motifs and legends, Weights are becoming attractive items of collecting.

Opium weights are very attractive as they have different animal or bird figure on them.

Mughal weights are very beautiful. They are made of brass and bear attractive designs on them.

Gold weights made of brass are found during the Indian Princely State times. Weights of Kutch, Mysore, Jamnagar etc. are presented here.

Coin weights represented here are of British times. They represent the standard weights of different denominations of coins.

In Indian Princely State weight category, iron weights of different states are presented. On them the state’s name along with coat-of-arms or ruler’s name are shown.

In short, an effort is made here to present some facets of Indian weights.

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