This website is launched by the Thakkar Foundation for the collectors and info-seekers of Indian numismatic and para-numismatic items like badges, cash coupons, coins, medals, monograms, passes, seals-dies, tokens and weights. This website classifies its Indian Numismatic Heritage into nine major sections like Badges, Cash Coupons, Coins, Medals, Monograms, Passes, Seals & Dies, Tokens and Weights with further classification of 191 sub categories, which in turn opens full featured web pages with thumbnail images and detailed illustrations.

Each web page is designed in such a manner that it contains a drop-down menu containing all nine major divisions and 191 sub divisions at the top for easy and effective navigation. Here, a navigator has to just follow a link by placing a cursor in the main menu, which will open its sub-menu, and if a topic in sub-menu has sub-links, arrow is placed to indicate sub divisions. This saves lots of navigation and understanding time, being wasted in unnecessary clicking and opening of the required link.

Each section has introductory brief information under the heading of ‘About this Subject’ located first in drop-down menu under that particular section. This gives an overall picture of the subject along with its sub-divisions.

An effort is made to give new dimensions to the subjects like Badges, Tokens, Passes, Weights, Seals and Dies wherein many new topics, worthy of collections, are presented.

At the bottom of the website some informative pages are given.

  • Abbreviations: In the page of Abbreviations an effort has been made to give some Abbreviations commonly found on military medals along with their expansions.
  • Table of Eras: In the page of Table of Eras comparative date chart is given. This will help the collector to find out the corresponding year in different Eras.
  • Chronologies: In the page of Chronologies an effort is made to give chronology of Mughal and Indian Princely State rulers along with their rule period. An effort is also made to give the chronology of British Vice Roys and Governor Generals.
  • Bibliography: In the page of Bibliography a list of numismatic books, which are useful, is given.
  • Numismatics Info: In the page of Numismatics Info, an effort has been made to give some useful numismatic information to the collectors. Such information includes Mottos (With Meanings) on Monograms of Indian Princely States and Indian Army, List of Mughal Mint places and List of Indian Princely States along with the Honor of Gun Salutes for which they were entitled, and so on.

On this Website an effort has been made to present only Mughal, Indian Princely States and Colonial coins excluding Ancient, Medieval, Sultanate and Republic of India coins, which may be presented in future.

On this Website subject of Bank Notes of India is not included.

This website is an outcome of the numismatic quest of the founder, Mr. Praful K. Thakkar. An effort has been made to provide accurate information as far as possible. However any help or comments, to enrich the site is heartily welcome.

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